Mission Statement

We are committed to being bold disciples of Jesus Christ. The primary focus of FUMC is to partner with God in the work of making disciples of Jesus Christ by transforming lives, renewing the church and transforming the community through the missions and ministries of Jesus Christ.


From left to right:

Gavin (grandson) Cyndi and Kenneth (Son and daughter-in-law) Natalie (granddaughter), Sabrina (granddaughter), Jim and Janet (behind the two girls), Joann (Janet’s mother), Stephanie (daughter)

Before I went into ministry:
Born and grew up in Galena Park, Texas
Started as a musician at 13, roofed houses for a while
worked as an inspector on the Port of Houston
worked my way up into being an executive for Genuine Parts Co.
worked as a professional musician with a band playing in Houston
worked as a chemical operator for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Plant in Pasadena, Texas
My hobbies are:
I love to fish, gardening, and outdoor stuff.
I am a classically trained organist.
I also play piano, harp, hammered dulcimer, 5 string banjo, a bit of guitar,
bodrain (Irish drum), and tinker with a few more things.
Keri Barrett
Director of Youth Ministry
Beatriz Jaquez